About the PTMHC

The PTMHC Mission

The mission of the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission is to provide financial assistance in the form of annual or special grants for operating purposes from funds obtained by assessment of annual tax on real property to agencies involved in providing prevention or treatment services to township residents in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, substance use disorder and medical services as they relate to behavioral health.

The PTMHC is involved in the following activities to further its mission:

The dissemination of information and the education of the community of the impact of mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities.

The assessment, planning and development of services for the special need populations of the community.

The collaboration with community partnerships for the development and enhancement of social service programs.

The local and statewide advocacy for an improved delivery system and comprehensive services for the treatment of mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities.

History of the PTMHC

The Proviso Township Mental Health Commission was first established in 1966 by the Proviso Township board of trustees. In 1969, a 708 Board was created through the passage of a referendum allowing the Commission to levy a tax up to fifteen cents per one hundred dollars of the assessed valuation of all Proviso Township real property. A seven-member board of Proviso residents was created by appointment of the Township Supervisor and Board of Trustees. The board sets policy and procedure, and assembles a staff to carry out the mission of the Commission.