Free CPR and Opioid Overdose Training

HILLSIDE, Illinois – Service providers and residents in Proviso Township now can receive basic CPR and opioid overdose training through free classes being offered by the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission (PTMHC). The training and supplies are made possible through a grant from the American Heart Association.

“Learning CPR can quite literally save a life,” said PTMHC CPR instructor Katherine Krych. “This is a skill that we want people in the community have.”

Krych pointed to NFL player Damar Hamlin who went into cardiac arrest during a football game this month. Medical professionals said that immediate CPR administered to Hamlin saved his life.

The CPR training will be held on March 16th with class at 2pm. Interested participants need to RSVP by February 28th. Participants in the free classes will also learn how to assess and assist a person with a possible opioid overdose. Additionally, they will be taught how to administer overdose medication and learn where they can obtain overdose medication. Participants should dress comfortably for the training which will be held at 4565 Harrison St. Hillside IL 60162 in the first floor Town Hall room.

The training has been provided to dozens of people in Proviso Township already, including some students at Proviso Math and Science Academy. All participants receive a certification of completion as well as the knowledge that they can save a life. Participants will also learn how to use a defibrillator.

Training supplies will be provided by the PPP and PTMHC. Participants will learn CPR on their own mannequin which they can take home to practice with. Trainings last between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the size of the class.

Interested groups can call or email Katherine Krych at 708-449-5508 or